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Part No. NE7700/4B


Professional Traffic Film Removers – 0105-200

Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

TRUCK PARTS (NE) LTD offers a full comprehensive range of Traffic Film Removers TFR for hot and cold water applications through high pressure cleaning equipment, from non caustic traffic film removers through to high alkaline traffic film remover products to remove the most stubborn traffic film and grease and are available in 2.5lts, 20lts, 200lts and 1000lts IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers). Our TFR and degreasers can remove stubborn traffic film, dirt, fly splats and grime from all types of paint finish. For cleaning light commercials and 40 tonne articulated lorries with curtain sides we have the ideal TFR to perform to the highest standards and give the best results! Unique gloss enhancers and shine additives are added to enhance paintwork, repel water and keep the vehicle cleaner longer and also incorporate rinse aids to help with the final rinse.

How Do Traffic Film Removers Work?

TFR uses a type of chemical known as an sequestrate. This chemical actively removes any metallic particles – creating a small number of microscopic holes to allow further compounds in the TFR to penetrate the traffic film.

The additional compounds hold an extremely powerful positive charge, which attracts them to the surface of vehicle negating the magnetic hold that the TFR and bodywork hold. This allows the remaining film to be removed using a pressure washer.

What does a TFR contain?

  • Water softeners – these prevent water hardness interfering with the traffic film removal process. Hard water often contains metallic elements such as calcium and magnesium
  • Emulsifiers – great for removing grease and other oily residues
  • Alkaline components – these can include caustic materials, silicates and amines, which break down any other stubborn soiling
  • Corrosion inhibiters – these protect both the vehicle and pressure washer from oxidization effects.
  • Please call for any further information regarding our TFR.

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