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DPF OEM Reference Number

2326074 – 2144435 – 2192100 – 2AI005-RX – 2AI005 – 2326074R – 2144435R – 2192100R


It’s what every driver of a diesel truck doesn’t want to see glowing on the instrument panel – the dreaded DPF warning light. Replacing with a new unit can be an expensive business, and removing the DPF is now against the law in most circumstances and could lead to prosecution.

Driveline Emissions Technologies

Our new 11-stage process, using patented, proven technology offers a much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. Our research & development testing and in-house results have shown between 96-100% of accumulated ash/soot in the DPF are removed, and returned to “As New” condition and the back pressure generated by the filter is restored to factory specifications. Our facility is high capacity, which means that we can also refurbish very large diesel particulate filters from HGV’s, static plant, industrial and power applications including specialised equipment for the oil and gas industries.

DPF Refurbishment – the 11 Stage Process

Endoscopic inspection & photography

Unit weighed pre-clean

Airflow test

High intensity X-ray of cells

Check substrates and wash coats for active precious metal material

Non-destructive, proprietary cleaning process

Unit dried thoroughly

Airflow re-test on DPF

Unit re-weighed

Post process endoscopic inspection and photography

Print final test & inspection report


Diesel Particulate Filters are an industry response to the progressive tightening of exhaust emission standards for diesel vehicles and other equipment utilising a diesel power plant. As their name suggests, they remove the particulate matter (soot) from diesel engine exhaust gasses by passing them through a filter system that traps the particles.

To maintain engine performance, DPF systems must be cleaned at regular intervals to remove the deposits they have collected. This is known as regeneration. For the majority of road vehicles regeneration is carried out on-board, though some vehicles, such as underground mining machines and some heavy trucks, may incorporate ‘off-board regeneration’ which requires the DPF to be removed for cleaning.

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