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Part No. NE405309

DAF Water Pump 113 Impeller OEM Reference Numbers

DAF – 2104579   DAF – 2104579R   DAF – 1949545

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Truck Parts (NE) Ltd are proud to be associated with the finest quality DAF Water Pump OEM Manufacturers in Europe, enabling us to offer Brand New high quality Water Pumps and Oil Pumps for Diesel Engines. We offer the broadest range of Brand New units for almost any engine within the marketplace at extremely competitive prices.

Truck Parts (NE) Ltd are suppliers of Water Pumps for: Truck, Bus, Car, Plant, Agricultural, Marine and Industrial Engines.


1. Do not carry out repair work with the motor running.

2. Before removing the DAF water pump, allow the cooling system to cool and then
drain completely. After removing the coolant pump, all sealing surfaces must
be thoroughly cleaned to remove any gasket residues or engine sealants. In addition,
cleaning and rinsing through of the coolant system is recommended. All cooling system
components and assemblies are to be checked and if necessary renewed.
Caution: Drained coolant may not be reused. Coolant is classified as hazardous waste.

3. Attach a new DAF water pump with a new gasket and screw on. The securing screws are to
be tightened to the torque specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The free-running of the
pump should be checked.
Caution: If a silicon gasket is used, the specified cure time must be adhered to
before the cooling system is filled with coolant.

4. The fan should be checked for damage and, if necessary, replaced. In vehicles having
a viscous coupling, its correct functioning should be checked.
Caution: A damaged viscous coupling will lead to early failure of the new DAF water pump.

5. Check the drive belt(s) for wear, deformation or hardening and replace if necessary.
It is, however, recommended that a new drive belt is used in any case when replacing
the water pump. When fitting the belt, ensure that it is tensioned according to the vehicle
manufacturer’s settings to avoid bearing damage in the driven units.
DAF Water Pump Caution: The belt tensioner must always be checked for correct functioning and
replaced if necessary.

6. Ensure that any coolant hoses and hose clips are in good condition and
have been correctly seated.

7. Fill up with new coolant.
Caution: The coolant system may only be filled using coolant approved
by the manufacturer.

8. The coolant system must be bled according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.
Caution: In this phase it is possible that slight leaking may occur around the
drainage hole.

9. After a test run, the whole coolant system must be checked for leaks and all coolant
hoses and hose clips checked for correct seating. Once the engine has cooled,
check the coolant level again.

Please refer to your vehicle’s workshop manual for any special removal and fitting
instructions for your DAF Water Pump. Fitting may only be performed by suitably trained personnel.

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