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RADIATOR DAF LF45 – 1407721 – 1403273

Part No. NE7559

Radiator Dimensions :
A = 588mm
B = 525mm
C = 58mm


OEM Reference Numbers

DAF – 1403273 DAF – 1407721

The basic function of a truck radiator is to remove excess heat from the engine block in order to prevent serious damage to the truck parts inside and outside of that block.

The Radiator is a heat exchanger used for cooling internal combustion engines in trucks, vans and cars or any similar use of such an engine.

When the Radiator Kicks In

Here’s what happens:

  • A thermostat at the front of the engine detects when the engine reaches an unacceptable temperature. This triggers the release of water and coolant, both of which are held in the radiator.
  • This liquid combination picks up the heat generated by engine friction and burned fuel. It is then sent back into the radiator itself. The surface area is ample enough to let the coolant cool. Additionally, a fan positioned near it helps cool the coolant further.
  • Air from outside the truck is brought in through vents, providing further cooling power. The coolant sufficiently cooled down, can then be sent back into the engine to pick up more heat.
  • It’s actually an invaluable part of your engine cooling system the radiator. Of course, your engine both burns fuel and creates friction in order to give your car the juice it needs, and that causes a great deal of heat to build up. That heat needs to be diverted away from the engine, or else it could cause tremendous damage. The pistons in the engine would seize up and snap in two, and the engine would be broken down completely.That’s why engines have built-in, multi-part cooling systems. This includes an exhaust system, through which heat can escape. It also includes oil, which lubricates the engine parts and reduces the amount of friction. Even so, engines can get hot pretty quickly—and once they hit a certain temperature, the rest of the cooling system kicks in.

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